Pre Launch

During the Pre Launch phase we begin to execute our home preparation plan. We coordinate the completion of any needed repairs and updates, professional home cleaning, professional window cleaning and any other needed services.

Additionally, we collaborate with our trusted professional partners to stage, present and position your home in a manner that connects with potential buyers on a emotional level. We have found emotional connections lead to massive action and massive action results in stronger more qualified offers on our listings.

Our marketing reach continues to expand during our Pre Launch phase as we add new collateral to our marketing channels. We employ the most up to date digital and social media strategies to ensure that your home gains exposure and traction as we progress toward the official Launch of your home.

Marketing During The Pre Launch Phase


What Is The Next Step? The Launch!

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The Launch

Building upon the foundation in the Discovery phase, we leverage the Pre Launch to gain momentum and excitement around your home as we move closer to the Launch of your listing.


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