Puretec Property Services - The Best Window Cleaners In North County

We have the best window cleaner in the industry. This is Josh Agadoni; he's with Puretc Property Services. We want to introduce him, and hopefully you find him useful and somebody that you can count on to clean your windows.

We've had some bad experiences with window cleaners out there, and for us, we really do value a company that we could trust; somebody that we knew was going to do a good job and we weren't going to receive complaints, whether it's damaged furniture or just the quality of the work. I'm kind of setting it up a little bit, but what's the difference between you and other window cleaners out there?

Josh Agadoni - Puretec Property Services:

When we got into this line of work, we realized it's blue-collar work; with window cleaning, it's a really easy, low level of entry. Anyone can go spend $200 and get some basic window cleaning equipment and call themselves a professional window cleaner. There's a lot of them out here and it's a very unregulated industry. No one's really checking up on us to see if we have proper insurance, if we have background checked employees, if we're operating above board. It's really up to each company to decide if they want to do that; we realized there's very few companies that do it, and with our values, personally and as a company, we decided we wanted to make sure that, even if no one's checking up on us, we want to have that integrity, and we want to serve our clients by providing those things.

Josh Agadoni - Puretec Property Services:

That's where we started to build ourselves up in terms of having worker's comp insurance for all our employees, which is very expensive in California, but it's worth it to protect the homeowners from liability if one of our guys has an accident, and then our general liability insurance to cover any property damage, and then, just in general, we just run towards problems. Things can go wrong sometimes, but we've always said that it's always better for the relationship and for our business as a practice to, when things go wrong, we pursue it and we take care of it as quickly as possible, and it's really been good for us. We feel like people are willing to pay a little extra for that security and that value, and knowing that we're not going to disappear tomorrow and leave you in the lurch. Our plan is to stay here for a long time, and that's how we feel is a good way to do it.

Skip Reed - Bressi Ranch Realty:

Definitely, and we've definitely noticed that, and we appreciate the work that you guys do every time. We've witnessed that firsthand, and have been on the receiving end of that professionalism. You guys are a great company, and we're very, very fortunate to have you guys, and I'm glad we found you guys to help us out on all of our listings.

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